9 Drugstore Makeup Primers That Are Changing the Game

Are you skipping this important step in your makeup routine? We’ve rounded up the very best drugstore makeup primers for flawless and long-lasting foundation.

The Best Makeup Primers

Makeup primers provide the perfect canvas for makeup application. Here’s your complete guide to makeup primers for lips, eyes, face, lashes and brows!

The 9 Best Hydrating Makeup Primers for Dry Skin

We tested and found the best of the best hydrating makeup primers for dry skin that will cover flakes and keep your face hydrated until the end of the day.

The Internet's Favorite Makeup Primer Is Now Available at Sephora

The TOP Face product BEFORE makeup: Farsali's Unicorn Tears is a glittery, cotton-candy pink skin-care product that can be used as a primer and serum.

Two Fifty-three: BEAUTY: Too Faced's Hangover Rx Primer. A replenishing face primer that hydrates, smoothes, and brightens skin for a dewy, healthy looking finish. Perfect for dry winter weather! Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Face Primer Dupes for Your Skin! Not all face primers are created equal, but some have great, affordable dupes! Primer is a topic of conversation that I always see in my inbox, whether it’s a dupe.

How to Make Your Own Makeup Primers

Top 10 Face, Lip & Eye Primers.

Makeup primers are essential when it comes to makeup. I think a top makeup primer is one of the best cosmetic innovations ever! A makeup primer will not only he

Makeup - NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer is a new makeup primer inspired by the golden glow of honey. Honey Dew Me Up Primer is formulated to neutralize discolorations - Makeup

DIY Makeup Primer :2 Very Easy Recipes

Natural Makeup diy makeup primer recipe's only for you. stop using those chemical based primers and make your own all natural face primer at home in just 15 minutes. - You only need to know some tricks to achieve a perfect image in a short time.

11 Makeup Primers For Every Skin Concern

BeneFit the POREfessional Pore Minimizing Makeup Primer, fl. Quickly minimize the appearance of pores! Apply this silky, lightweight balm for translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin. Pores…now you see ‘em, now you don't!

Homemade Makeup Primer For All Skin Types (Oily, Dry, Normal & Combination)

How would you like your makeup to last longer and look better on your skin by minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and pores? All you need is a handful of ingredients and a few minutes to whip up this Homemade Makeup Primer. If you are wondering “What is makeup primer?” it basically preps your face for the application of makeup, and there’s no need to buy expensive makeup face primers when you can use this makeup primer for oily skin which is actually great for all skin types.

Everything You Need to Know About Makeup Primers

Your Ultimate Guide to Primers. Here are our favorite lash conditioners, eye shadow bases, lipstick foundations, and face primers to bring you the ultimate guide to priming everything.