Disney Villains Maleficent | Official theatrical poster

Disney's Maleficent - i really enjoyed this movie - amazing colourful pictures

Young Maleficent Movie Costume

Isobelle Molloy as a young Maleficent. I thought she was just adorable and beautiful as the young Maleficent.<--Hate to break it to you boy young Maleficent is played by Ella Purnell.

maleficent 2014 gifs | 6ccb1d48f9836b78_Maleficent.gif.xxxlarge.gif

Pin for Later: 11 Chilling Maleficent GIFs That Prove Angelina Jolie Is the Ultimate Villain A Flash of That Sinister Spell

May have shed some tears...beautiful relationship between malificent and aurora!♡ Pinterest : @uniquenaja ♡

I prefer much this version of "Sleeping Beauty" in the way that it's not what we think happened at all. and Maleficent is such a surprising character

Once Upon A Dream by JohannaTheMad

Maleficent Aurora and Diaval (Maleficent's crow/raven)

Maleficent: Her wings were my favorite part!  They're so pretty! And her eyes!  Her eyes are amazing too! :)

Links for how to make wings and Maleficent wing design (ideas)

I liked it a lot more than I thought. Maleficent Movie (2014) <3

Maleficent Movie Dud of a movie. The only thing going for it was the costuming and cgi effects.

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Fill in the blank: "Oh dear, what an _ _ .”

Maleficent, King Stefan and Queen Leila - Angelina Jolie, Sharlto Copley and Hannah New in Maleficent

You in all your beauty and your pain. You were the angel I saw standing in  the rain.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie "So big that they dragged behind me when I walked. They never faltered.


I wasnt a big fan of this movie, but "pretty bird" Diaval made it for me. I was shipping tf outta him and Aurora. They changed everything else, THIS would've been okay with me.

Aurora and Prince Phillip.

Maleficent - Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora.

Characters | Maleficent | Disney Movies http://movies.disney.com/maleficent/characters

Angelina Jolie was the definitely the perfect choice to play Maleficent!

Maleficent Fan Art

Maleficent and Aurora Very Complex Colour Art

I know I already pinned something almost exactly like this, but I don't care.

that was the cutest and saddest part of the whole movie// step mother love // When love turns into revenge and that revenge turns out into true love.

Maleficent Movie Google Pixel 2 Case

Maleficent Movie Google Pixel 2 Case