In their map of Pakistan, BBC, the international news agency has marked all of Jammu and Kashmir and has made a distinction between 'Pakistani controlled Kashmir' and 'Indian controlled Kashmir'.

Provides an overview of Pakistan, including key events and facts about this Muslim majority state in South Asia.

Mussoorie Hill Station | Hill Stations in India |

Find the map of East Godavari District. East Godavari District Map showing the major roads of East Godavari, District Headquarters and the district boundries. Get more Info about East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

The Beauty of Duplicity: Two Maps of Kashmir | Strange Maps | Big Think

Two Maps of Kashmir That Make More Sense Than One

The Beauty of Duplicity: Two Maps of Kashmir | Strange Maps | Big Think

Maps of Srinagar, Kashmir, India

The dynasties who have impacted Kashmir Polity

Kashmir region

Map of Kashmir Region

Punjab's province of Kashmir

This map shows the disputed terrirories of Kashmir, claimed in whole or part by India, China, and Pakistan

Map of Kashmir Border Disputes

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An illustrated map of Kashmir, India, by Neil Gower

On the Kashmir hippy trail

Kashmir dropped off the tourist map back is now back and more flamboyant than ever. Condé Nast Traveller tours this magical region, through the ancient city of Srinagar and lake side at Nishat Bagh

Political Map of India

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Map of Jammu and Kashmir

A heavy-lift aircraft was launched by the Indian Air Force at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) where a three-week long stand-off between the Indian and Chinese troops took place in the month of April.

Cultural map of Pakistan.

Cultural map of Pakistan.