Marching band problems They try to make it better with the girls going first...but it never works out perfectly

Colorguard problems: getting undressed on a bus of 50 girls and then realizing another band just watched you all get naked because the bus lights were on.

Marching band: Because I'm a band nerd. :)

Everybody gets a meme

Marching Band Problems - ugh I remember this torture too well

Marching Band Problems - it's usually trumpets, colorguard, or flutes. But we flutes were prett good this year so it's really just trumpets and colorguard. Ok mostly colorguard.

A kid in one of my classes was dissing band, and I was seething. I gave him the dirtiest look I could, and he looked away.

16 Signs You Might Be A Forever Band Kid

Voted biggest band nerd and likely to be a band director compassionate Band Seasons

THEIR REEDS!!!!!!!! Am I the only one who thought that.....? Yes....? Ok....

Bahahahahahahah XD Lol, but i wouldn't throw my instrument, unless someone with finess is there to catch it

Art Marching Band Problems. yes-i-am-a-band-geek

Marching band problem try leave time from the school being 3 am after a football game

Major Problem Quotes. QuotesGram"

But I was trained by the drum major. My friend (trumpet player) thought they were better but my drum major said otherwise.