Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Moshe Safdie. Safdie Architects. Over 2 million sq. ft & 2500+ luxury hotel rooms in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands / Safdie Architects

Luxury hotel, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, recently opened the doors of its microcosm to the public and has already wowed tourists with its unique and luxurious design.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Amazing engineering around the world - the Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore It looks like a giant, futuristic cricket wicket, but this casino and holiday resort is the world’s most expensive.

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Marina Bay, Singapore

KU DE TA Singapore is the coolest and stunning rooftop lounge and restaurant in the world. On the floor of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino SkyPark, features the most spectacular 360 degrees views of Singapore, including a beyond real infinity pool.

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park, Singapore (Infinity Pool – 55 stories up) | Incredible Pictures

Rooftop Pool, Singapore: A breathtaking view of Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. An Infinity Pool 55 stories up.

마리나 베이 샌즈(싱가포르) : 모쉐 사프디 Marina Bay Sands by Moshe Safdie

Singapore's Rooftop Pool

Awesome infinity pool landscape of the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore (Malaysia)

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The incredible infinity swimming pool at the Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore. I had some great days there as the Entertainment Director.

I'm so gonna play black jack there! Just wait because I'll get a room there soon.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. I can't wait to go here! This place is Beyond Amazing! The swimming pool is on the top level overlooking the city and the bay. You can pay to take tour of the top level with gardens and pool.

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Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. An integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. Developed by Las Vegas Sands, it is billed as the world's most expensive standalone casino property at 8 billion dollars, including cost of the prime land.

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Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands is five-star epic luxury casino hotel and resort in Singapore. Containing a plethora of restaurants, shopping and entertainment it's everything under one roof. Plus the world's largest infinity pool is located at the top.

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Marina Bay Sands / Safdie Architects