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I have a replica of Doctor Who's Martha Jones' jacket. I wear it every fall. I either get people cooing over the jacket or random fan-girls asking me if I love Doctor Who. Yes, this jacket rocks. Yes, I am that big of a nerd. << you are awesome<<Agreed

She may not be my favorite companion, but I have exactly ZERO patience for Martha Jones haters <---- I understand if she isn't your favorite companion, we all have different preferences. But to say she didn't do anything??? How blind and stupid do you have to be?

I don't dislike Martha, I think she was a good fit for the Doctor to help him get over Rose. It wouldn't have been good for him to go straight from Rose to Donna. So, yeah.

Martha is an underrated companion all because she loved the Doctor romantically when he was still mourning Rose. I don't blame her at all & I think she's stronger & cooler than people give her credit for

Martha Jones: the woman who walked the Earth. The AWESOME woman who walked the Earth.

I personally love Martha! I didn't like her at first because of the whole lovesick puppy look she had. Once she grew into her character she started being awesome :)

Martha Jones, ladies and gents. Lol Did you also get called "Voice of a Nightingale" by Captain Jack Harkness?

Martha Jones: The Woman Who Walked the Earth. I think far too many people forget this side of her.

Martha Jones: The Woman Who Walked the Earth. I think far too many people forget this side of her. "The Martha Jones Adventures" (in which the Doctor made appearances from time to time) would be quite a story all by itself!

Martha Jones

Martha is really underrated,because she was a companion after Rose. This post is one of the reasons. She was great , and she was brave and funny.

Martha Jones and Mickey Smith. Best happy ending to date

Martha and Mickey - loved this! And the actors are also married in real life! xD<<<really?

Jack gets it.

He's Got So Many Hearts On So Many Strings

The gorgeous Dr Martha Jones played by Freema Agyeman. The Doctor's penultimate companion. She helped save the world and left to be with her family. She also appeared in a few episodes of the second season of Torchwood to help Captain Jack Harkness!

(gif set) Clara Oswin Oswald ||| "Martha Jones applauding in the distance"

Clara may not be everyone's favorite companion. But her strength in her individuality is something I really like about her. As fans, we often expect the next chapter of Doctor Who characters to complete with ghosts.

Martha Jones art nouveau , Doctor Who , TARDIS by koroa

Martha Jones art nouveau , Doctor Who , TARDIS by Koroa Took the Companion quiz; I`m Martha Jones!