Activities: The Mayflower Compact: Would You Sign?

The Mayflower Compact: Would You Sign?

No More King (Ameria - Mayflower) Schoolhouse Rock - Cycle 3 Wk 2 Mayflower Compact

No More King (Ameria - Mayflower) Schoolhouse Rock - Cycle 3 Wk 2 & 3 Mayflower Compact & Boston Tea Party

The Mayflower Compact #Worksheet #USHistory CC Cycle 3 Week 2

I don't generally like the way we misconstrue the mayflower compact, but it like thi strategy for identify main ideas and important details.

The Mayflower Compact - Drive Thru History - YouTube

The Mayflower Compact - Drive Thru History This clip on The Mayflower Compact and the founding of America is from Episode 2 called "The Pilgrims".

The Mayflower Compact, circa 1620.  #mayflower

The Mayflower Compact

about the Mayflower Compact and other fascinating facts re: Early US History - including FREE Lessons with videos and Worksheets

The Supreme Court Justices would do well to read Federal Paper #42 written in 1788 to explain the Commerce Clause in the then new Constitution of the United States. No way you can find authority for a Federal mandate to purchase health insurance here...

The Avalon Project from the Yale Law School contains an excellent collection of primary source documents in law, history, and diplomacy.

Teaching the Mayflower Compact? Check out my newest resource, Mayflower Compact Close Reads!

Mayflower Compact: Close Reading

Mayflower Compact Close Read Includes -Original Mayflower Compact -Abridged Mayflower Compact -Three Original Mayflower Compact Close Reads -Three Abridged Mayflower Compact Close Reads -Three Full Page Close Read Question Pages -Three Quarter

Mayflower Compact - Wikipedia

Mayflower Compact - Wikipedia

SchoolHouse Rock - No More Kings - American Rock - America's Relationship with England from the Landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock to The Declaration for Independence - YouTube

Heeeeere we go with CC Cycle Week 2 ideas! Here is my regularly scheduled disclaimer: we keep it simple here at Gettin' Skooled!

Mayflower Compact:  A Cornerstone of our Great American Form of Democratic Government

Upper Level Compact Study of the Mayflower Compact with list showing who died during the first winter

In this worksheet, your student will read and determine the meaning of phrases in the Pilgrims' Mayflower compact. US history. Printables. Worksheets. Social studies.

Thanksgiving Worksheet