Brown dress  - kinnnnda love this

with sleeves on the balero this would be such a stunning outfit! THE ROYAL STATEMENT DRESS Only minus comes from the material which could be linen.

Ranger Costume - From Rear by on @deviantART

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Human Bandit Archer, common to the eastern bogs of Dolsiel. They strike their opponents from a distance and from all directions, making it difficult to eliminate and entire troop.

late AC) Kendach region (Isle of Dawn) or Principality of Fenswick (Glantri) [Pablo - Arquero inglés, siglo XV]

ritasv:  Manfred by Giulia Paltrinieri on Flickr.

A west coast Canadian that enjoys doing Century medieval reenactment with the Society for Creative Anachronism, Pacific Association for Recreating the Middle Ages, and Adrian Empire.

Medieval Archer_1 by Georgina-Gibson on DeviantArt

Medieval Archer 1 I'll be adding more of this set soon ----------------------------------------------- RULES: - For purchase from Nov 2015 onward .

Archer3 by Kseniya Sibileva on ArtStation. Pretty darn good technique, too!

f Rogue Thief Leather Armor Longbow villager lwlvl farmland forest hills by Kseniya Sibileva on ArtStation.