Quote on mental health: Never give up on someone with a mental illness. When "I" is replaced by "We", Illness become wellness. -Shannon L.Alder www.HealthyPlace.com

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Here’s a collection of insightful tips for people with a mental illness. These…

30 Tips for People With a Mental Illness from Those Who Have Been There

It's okay if the only thing you did today is breathe.because you are enough.

Always will be saddened she isn't here, but I'm a happy soul.

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I just have this happy personality and a sad soul in one body. It feels weird sometimes.

The scars that anxiety leave may not be visible, but these are just as deep as physical wounds.

Mental illness quote - The worst thing you can do to a person with an invisible illness is make them feel like they need to prove how sick they are.

I knew my little brother suffered from depression for years but I never thought it would take him to such depths that he would actually take his own life. I should have heard it in his voice I should have seen it in his eyes and I should have seen it in his poetry that he wrote to me. I will miss his smile and his cute button nose for the rest of my life #TheSunShinesBrighterBecauseHeWasHere ❤

When you have social anxiety disorder, you have a recognized medical condition that usually requires some form of social anxiety treatment.

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Bravery is waking up and facing what left you tired yesterday. Bravery is waking up and facing what left you tired yesterday. Just remember you are never alone.Ask for help!