She Mime.

i want to be a mime with my face half black and half white with a white diamond on the black and a black diamond on the white

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'Celebrity Mimes - Open photoshop contest is now closed. The contest received 35 submissions from 29 creatives.

2015 Halloween Makeup Ideas 14

Cirque/clown make up idea. Even if you did normal eye make up, i think it would be enough to show your a clown but without over the top costume-y look.

The availability of temporary tattoos has made the art of face painting as simple as an instant meal. Just add water! (This is a comparison only, folks, no, you should not eat the tattoos!) Most temporary tattoos are quick and easy

When you think about face painting designs, you probably think about simple kids face painting designs. Many people do not realize that face painting designs go beyond the basic and simple shapes that we see on small children.