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25 Missing You Quotes #Miss you quotes #Missing You quotes,  there is never goodbye it's just until next to time....

25 Missing You Quotes

The toe in the mouth, the fart jokes, the noises, how he makes me hiss but I refuse to admit he makes me hiss. At some point along the way I fell for him and rather than just say it and own those feelings I pushed him away.

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My Poetry **Requests Open** - Request Page

If we would have just meet a year sooner. just to have one more year with you. I know you are going off to live your life and i wouldnt want you to stay but jeez im crazy about you and i will miss you like crazy

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If you have chemistry you only one other thing timing. But timing’s a bitch

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It's true Crystal Espinosa! You are my angel friend and I cant believe you vanished from me. I am so sad. I pinned this hoping that you see this. Ive called you and texted you, please text me, send me some smoke signals or something. I miss you!

Every minute. Every day. Ever since I met you. And I can't do anything about it.

30 Missing You Quotes

Why do you have to mind me so much? Why do you have to take it personally? Why do you have to make it about you? Yes I'm thinking about you. I can't stop thinking about you.