Great DIY craft for MLK Day!

DIY Pop Up Valentines Template from The House that Lars Built. For hundreds of DIY Valentines’ Ideas go here. For another DIY Hands/Heart Card, here is one from the Bulgarian site krokotak here.

Project inspired by Picasso's Peace Dove. Holy Spirit. Sunday School Crafts. Christian Crafts. Peace Crafts.

Peace Project inspired by Picasso's Peace Dove. An art contest is a great way to introduce the theme of a campaign - what does peace feel like to you?

Passport Fraud: Forge Up To Three Before It’s A Crime – Someone Willfully Put It In The New Immigration Bill – Who? by Maggie • July 22, 2013

Common Core Timeline: Who, When, Why – How Repaying “Education Debt,” Through Social Justice Became Common Core

Great DIY craft for MLK Day!

The Kissing Hand is a classic book for many kindergarten classrooms on the first day of school. Here are 27 Kissing Hand freebies, activities and videos.

Quick Art Projects for Teens | crafts activities and art projects that promote peace and diversity

Inspiring Crafts for Martin Luther King, Jr Day

LESSON FOR MLK::Peace sign project idea for my new Arts + Crafts Monday class. Perfect activity to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Day coming up!

50th Anniversary of the March on Washington Lesson Plan: "I Have a Dream" as a Work of Literature -

Lesson Plan: Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech as a work of literature

With Black History Month around the corner and Martin Luther King Jr. Day behind us, we thought it would be good to commemorate one of our greatest heroes in the civil rights movement.

the crayon box that talked... printables

I love the book The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane DeRolf because it can be used to teach so many things. The book has rhyming words, c.

Fingerprints- so persona, great art for home or gift to loved one      oh so very cool, i love the chart at the bottom showing which fingerprints belong to which kid.

Fingerprint Peace Dove - Identify each child by color By the Beverly Cleary School Class ART Projects Auction 2009

Checkout this great post on Preschool Lesson Plans!

This activity is similar to the President's day one. It is a day dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. Teach all about his life, who he was, what he had, and what he was aspiring to do.

This Handprint Dove is a great craft to make for the International Day of Peace (September 21st), World Peace Day (November 17th), as well as Martin Luther King Day.

Handprint Dove - Peace Day Craft

Martin Luther King Jr was all about promoting peace. This Handprint Peace Dove is the perfect way to spread that message.

Cookies that share a message of peace and friendship.  Perfect for MLK!

I like these for the kissing hand, but Love in hands cookies would be beneficial for the end of a unit. This is a good way to tie in the meaning behind mlk day and use art for students to express themselves.