Strong monogram logo. Could use a backwards R and a normal H. I like the line down the middle

New Brand Identity for Roberto Revilla by Friends - BP&O

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escapekit: “ House of the Nobleman UK based design studio Two Create created the ID and corporate stationery for leading art curation company, House of the Nobleman.

40 Great Examples of Monoram Designs

In this post, you will find 40 well designed monogram designs. These examples…

MB Monogram

MB Monogram

Modern MB monogram by British freelance logo, brand identity and graphic designer Richard Baird.

90 Typography Examples  Shoutout to the Monogram because I'm 100% sure this is an example from our monogram project in ComDesign at UNT.

Best Typography of 2014

Idea : Getting your monograms designed, or blended together for a big day, or a lifetime together is something the right typographic designer can do. Imagine this on your towels and notepaper.

Design Inspiration #83                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Design Inspiration #83

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95 Excellent Monogram Logo Designs | Graphic & Web Design Inspiration + Resources

95 Excellent Monogram Logo Designs

Here are 95 Excellent Monogram Logo Designs for inspiration, focusing on monograms in particular.

20 Beautiful Monogram Designs

20 Beautiful Monogram Designs

Here are 20 beautiful monogram designs that I love and that will hopefully inspire you to create your own.

logo / monogram / L D I like that although both L and D are easy to pick out, the lettermark is one clear form by itself.

Comment: I like the serif font of the 'L' that almost links with the curve of the implied 'D'.