As it turns out, the 3rd of December will bring about ample amounts of spiritual energy. There will not only be a Full Moon, but Mercury will also be going into retrograde. The Full Moon that follows is going to happen on the 3rd of December. It is going to be a Super Moon, as well as “Full Cold

Prepare Yourself For a Massive Energy Shift As Mercury Retrograde Combines With a Full Moon on December 3 – Spiritual Posts

Do you remember a day as the most special and want to keep it next to your heart? Perhaps the day you became parents? Or want to give your sister her birthdays moon as a gift? Keep forever the night you first kissed with the love of your life? Id look up how was the moon on that night on that place, and craft this necklace with the moon phase customized according to your special date! ...  Specifications>  ☞ Materials> Sterling Silver 925 Pendant, Sterling Silver 925 Chain ☞ Measurement...

Custom Moon Phase Necklace as it was that special day,Sterling Silver Big Moon Pendant,Custom Date Moon,Anniversary Gift Special Gift Custom

The practice of plantings and gardening based on the moon's phases goes back centuries. Read more about how to plant by the moon in your own garden.

Gardening By the Moon

Planting and gardening according to the phases of the moon dates back centuries. Read more about this ancient technic and how to garden by the moon in your garden.

Ingrid Boulting for Biba by Sarah Moon. Date Uncredited.

Child of the Moon: Ingrid Boulting - pink lip grey eye (a bit colours too)

Custom Wedding Cake Topper  Kissing on the Moon by Plasticsmith

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper - Kissing on the Moon with your initials and wedding date

A day in first grade: Blast Off to the MOON!

mfw 13 15 A day in first grade: Blast Off to the MOON! 2 moon reader books, plus visual lesson plans with moon read-aloud ideas.

Full Moon Taurus

★ Witchy things to do on a Full Moon in Taurus ★ ‪

#moon schedule

Crystal Guidance Article: Full Moon - All you want to know about cleansing your crystals with Full Moon energy.

The Girl Who Chased the Moon

BONUS: This edition contains a The Girl Who Chased the Moon discussion guide and an excerpt from Sarah Addison Allen's The Peach Keeper.Emily Benedict has come to Mullaby, North Carolina, hoping to solve at least some of the riddles surrounding her mother