not a mosaic pathway, but I'm looking for an idea that would hold succulents, be decorative and fit into a mosaic and maze garden, humm this might work plus I could use some of the chipped but beautiful pottery I have.

Dragonfly Spiral Birdbath

What is the difference between Indoor Art and Garden Art you may ask… The difference is in the materials. For the garden, water proof/resistant substrates, such as cement and cement board are used.

Instead of making a paper mache bird bath that will eventually end up in the trash, how about tiling a bird bath for a community garden? How to mosaic tile a cement bird bath.

BIRDBATH: Mosaic Birdbath, made out of terra cotta pots. This website includes a list of all materials

Mosaic birdbath for the garden; fully waterproofed

This is a great project and can really help spruce up a dull and tired garden. Mosaic Birdbaths - Mosaic Tiles, Mosaics & Mosaic Supplies Online, How to Mosaic Art Craft

Unique mosaic birdbath for the garden; approx. 30cm diameter; fully waterproofed