You must be courageous enough to venture into the unknown to find hidden beauty, but it is always worth the journey. ℰ.ℐ. [Art credit: Its my world by Goff Kitsawad]

Top 10 Amazing Photos Of The Beautiful Nature

Its my world by Goff Kitsawad on beautiful blue night sky galaxy and stars, space, universe

Oh, you turned my world, you precious thing | Hand-lettered quote from #Labyrinth. First line of 'Within You', written and performed by David Bowie

Hand lettering project: Sketches to final artwork

Why its important to learn new languages! Give this post a thumbs up! #MHC #HC #languages

Why Learning Languages is More Important Than Ever

My favorite languages to learn are the ones with new alphabets. One day it looks like scribbles, and the next you can make out words!

» 5 Ways to Maintain Boundaries with Difficult People - World of Psychology #boundaries #lifeskills

People with CPTSD are often challenged when trying to maintain boundaries. Usually they grew up where boundaries were not respected. The ability to maintain boundaries can help facilitate healthy relationship and safety.

This was a favorite song of Lincoln's...his mom loves it too. We played it at his celebration of life service.

This was a favorite song of Lincoln& mom loves it too. We played it at his celebration of life service.

You Color My World...                                                       …

You Color My World... (I'm in Haven)

The new Ranger colored Enamel Accents are SO COOL! I absolutely love the black and white enamel accents, but when Ranger recently came .

Your words and gestures were not encouraging for me ,you put others down by showing your best side don't expect a woman to be weak ,she is smarter ,wiser ,and a Mother

How a Novel Ends

Everything that mattered to me got taken away in 2 seconds. Now i have absolutely no reason to stay. Won't be long till i'm gone forever.

_||_ <-my best attempt at praying hands. Wishing that the only one who makes me happy beyond belief has returned to my life.  The Civil Wars lyrics for Birds of a Feather --> "Oh, aren't we a pretty, pretty pair? Yes, we are. All, all the king's horses And all of his men Couldn't tear us apart" I wish. I hope. I pray that we wind up together & stay together forever till we're old & gray & get reincarnated as birds - I love you for eternity after <3<3<3

The Real Meaning Of Things We Say

Graphic designer Sam Omo (aka DOWNSIGN) explores the meanings of words in his ongoing series of playful illustrations. Using a combination of idioms,