"The sun sign, with rays pointing in the four directions, is a symbol of Native Americans. We display this symbol to remind us of our connec...

Native American Zia Sun symbol- The sun symbol often means "Earth Guardian in Day", and it can also represent Healing Energy. The sun symbol is also recognized as a giver of life, and a provider of warmth.

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Saw once again this on Native American Board. Again, non natives lumping us all together.Each tribe is different and no we don't all see a feather meaning this.

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Nature's Spirit Totem ENERGY STONES Luck worry Your Choice ALL ANIMALS

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Turtle Symbol- I love the Native American Indian Symbols. This website has a huge variety of symbols with their meaning including the power animal symbols. Great for kids craft ideas!!! Endless ideas. Paint on rocks, just an idea.

Discover the secret meaning of the mysterious Turtle Symbol. Pictures and meanings of Native American Indian symbols including the Turtle Symbol. The Turtle Symbol meaning.

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Spark your child's interest in Native American beliefs and traditions by teaching him about animal spirit guides with help from this worksheet.

Dragonfly Symbol *** signifies happiness, speed, purity and life's constant process of change.

Dragonfly Symbol *** signifies happiness, speed, purity and life's constant… I always see dragonflies as a symbol of strength

I Love this Picture~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A maioria das tribos nas Florestas do Este acreditava num multi-anel celeste, variando de 4 a 12 camadas. Na mais elevada destas, encontrava-se o Grande Espírito. Próximo do homem está o sol, os 4 ventos e a mãe terra. Estes 6 elementos são conjuntamente referidos durante a cerimônia do cachimbo sagrado. O número total destas entidades maiores, mais o ponto de partida do peticionando, faz sete.


'May the stars carry your sadness away, may the flowers fill your heart with beauty, may hope forever wipe-away your tears and above all, may silence make you strong' - Chief Dan George American Indian.

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Learn more about your Native American zodiac sign and Native American animal symbols. Animal zodiac meanings are listed according to your birthdate.