There is no doubt that your backyard or garden should have a lot of green plants, as they are not only for purifying the air, but also beautify and improve your outdoor space. But did you know that green plants especially aquatic plants can also filter the water?  Most of people want to own a […]

24 Backyard Natural Pools You Want To Have Them Immediately

Is it a pond? A pool? A lagoon? Whatever you decide to call this space, be prepared for hours of blissful relaxation. #garden #landscape #bush

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Cottage Landscape/Yard with Natural rock pool accent, Steps and risers, Inter-fab aspen waterfall, Naturalistic landscaping

Structure of a natural swimming pool

Bio pool aka natural swimming pool or pond is the chemical-free alternative to evil chlorine and complicated mechanical filtering systems, designed to use living plants and micro-organisms as bio-f.

Natural swimming pool. Uses a natural water filtration system instead of chlorine. Love the ambience it gives-- useful for the gorgeous look even when the weather is too cold for swimming.

Natural Pools Are Making a Ripple, But Are They For You?

A case study of the third BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool built in New Jersey. Designed and built by BioNova® Natural Pools and Rin Robyn Pools.

Landscaping Ideas By NJ Custom Pool & Backyard Design Expert

Landscaping Ideas By NJ Custom Pool & Backyard Design Expert (Garden Step Design)

inspirational natural swimming pools

Natural Swimming Pools Design Ideas, Inspirations, Photos

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What You Need To Know About Natural Swimming Pools

PARADISE REGAINED - This backyard has a pool that looks like a sparkling lagoon, water slide and waterfall included! The decorative stone wall continues along into the stone oven, pulling the entire area together.  Photo by J. Brownlee Design

Love the natural pool! Eads Natural Pool & Backyard Resort - traditional - pool - other metro - J.

Lagoon backyard pool with beach entry, man-made boulders, rocks and waterfall, and much more...

Lagoon backyard pool with beach entry, man-made boulders, rocks and waterfall, and much more.

Beautiful backyard pond

Natural Pool - designed by Peter Nitsche, with large, smooth granite boulders and a sandy bottom - surrounding landscape design is Rose Kliass (in Preta Beach, Cape Verde).

natural pool - Backyard Paradise

What can a square backyard do? House a phenomenal place to swim! This shot of a backyard swimming pool by BioNova Natural Pools demonstrates how an average yard can be transformed into a living water paradise.

I love this idea for a home with a pond or lake in the backyard, or a pool that is designed to look like a pond

Photo (veronica loves archie)

Steps To The Sea, Rivera Maya, Mexico. This evokes memories of sunlight on the turquoise water of a swimming pool as I waited at the steps and looked down at the water, when I was a child.