great resource for independent writing!  'Sophisticated Vocabulary'

Positive and negative words for mood, moment, character and emotions, feelings, behavior -- Great for writing folders

A Fabulous Resource for Writers - 175 Positive Character Traits - Writers Write

This post has 175 positive and 175 negative character traits. This would be great for student writing folders/ enrichment vocab.

Character Traits Meme by ~pichu4850 on deviantART

Creative writing: Character Traits Meme -- You may: Print this out. Repeat this as many times as you wish. Add on your own characteristics. Add on more character slots.

Character development -- Negative traits

dunst-rph: “ I find that, when writing bios, it’s really helpful to look at a list or a chart like the one above. Picking two or three traits from each chart and building a character based around them.

This can be useful when documenting student strengths. Positive reframes _ LOVE this for looking for strengths in all children!

Current Frame & Positive Reframe, You'll Love This!

The power of positive words & positive psychology. Change your weaknesses into strengths, your self talk from negative into positive characteristics. And when speaking about anyone else always use positive reframes!

Character Traits List - freebie.  This blog also has a list for positive and negative character traits for free!

Use this free Character Traits List to help build your students' character trait vocabulary. Includes synonyms, positive traits, and negative traits.