9 Things You Should Never Compromise For A Relationship It's frequently said that the key to a solid, stable relationship is a compromise but it is surely true that compromise is important in any relationship. However, I would argue that there are specific things that you should never compromise on for your better half. It can be a hard... read more: https://hubpages.com/relationships/Things-You-Should-Never-Compromise-for-a-Relationship

9 Things You Should Never Compromise For A Relationship

Will your relationship last? You are not sure whether you are making the proper compromises for your relationship? Check out these 9 Things You Should Never Compromise.

8 Things You Should Never Compromise for a Relationship

Non-Negotiables in Any Relationship

Let’s face it—relationships are all about give-and-take, and your love for your partner makes the compromise worthwhile. For any relationship to work and be successful, the two of you will need to compromise. It may be that your partner needs to work…

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Narcissism - If you're in a relationship full of ups & downs and you're constantly trying to prove your love and get back what you had in the beginning - look up Narcissism. "everybody deserves second chances, but not for the same mistakes"

Know your self-worth. Never compromise your standards just for the sake of being in a relationship.

Something I just recently learned was that chased love, is not love.

Never Compromise Who You Are - http://www.quotesaboutcheating.com/never-compromise-who-you-are/

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A Belated Bride (2001)(The second book in the Abduction/Seduction series)A novel by Karen Hawkins She'd Never Marry Him!The last man Arabella Hadley ever wishes to see again is Lucien Deveraux, the handsome, dissolute Duke of Wexford - who broke her innocent heart years ago and disappeared to London. So when she finds an unconscious man on her deserted country road and sees that it's Lucien, she's tempted to leave him there. But even more appalling than his presence is the brazen kiss he…

A Belated Bride (Abduction/Seduction, book by Karen Hawkins

7 Things Successful People Never Compromise On

7 Things Successful People Never Compromise On

Those people that taste success in life - a success they can actually feel good about - simply won't compromise on these 7 things.

NEVER COMPROMISE. You either accept me flows and all, or find someone that is more in line with what you want.

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I did not have to compromise or settle this time. He meets everything on my list, and more.

This quote by John Adams is something that the hero of Rebellious Heart, Ben Ross, must come to learn: Integrity is more important than success.

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never compromise yourself for someone else, especially someone who is lost and trying to find an identity by controlling others.

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never compromise yourself for someone else, especially someone who is lost and trying to find an identity by controlling others.

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