When I'm reading a really good book... I'm teen years old again with a blanket-fort diving into that world :D ~ from The Neverending Story, 1984

J'en ai rien affiche : la série d'affiches délirantes de Madani Bendjellal

Pattern for Falkor plush

PDF PATTERN for Falkor plush

The neverending story - my favorite movie back then n I remember our teacher playing it for us in class.

The NeverEnding Story - Movie Review

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See, I'm actually a good dragon because I'm trying to signify trust by winking at you, don't believe me?

Dragon from the Neverending Story. LOVE this movie and always thought the "Luck Dragon" Falcor (sp?

This is my all time favorite fantasy novel. I read it for the first time in 4th grade, and have read it at least 3 more times since then. In high school art class, I made illustrations based on scenes from the book, and also a role-playing board game.

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