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Kinda Fair And Unbalanced News: Obama high fives his new liberal convert.

BREAKING NEWS! OBAMA HIRES CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY! | Darryl Issa has reported that more criminal charges will be coming for the Obama administration, and it looks like President Obama is preparing for them – he has chosen to hire as White House Counsel Neil Eggleston, a renowned criminal defense attorney! #IRS #Benghazi

Barack Obama’s Arafat blunder is an embarrassment for the leader of the free world

San Francisco Chronicle endorses President Obama...'Obama's leadership has had a stabilizing effect on the economy and on foreign policy. One thing is certain: While challenges remain, the White House is in wiser, steadier hands than it was four years ago.' Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Chronicle recommends: Re-elect Obama

Obama Signals to Hamas and Hezbollah that it’s ‘Open Season’ on Israel [+videos]

obama.horn_-1280x960   obama is a disgrace to the Untied States and the very worst President in History.  He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

If Calling Obama 'Arrogant' is Racist Code for 'Uppity,' Liberals Need to Stop Being Bigots

~~~FOLKS, KEEP THIS VIDEO HANDY TO PROVE TO YOUR FRIENDS THAT OBAMA AND HIS FRIENDS IN THE MEDIA ARE LYING~~  In an interview with Jake Tapper of ABC News Obama says that one third of the funding for his health care law will come from cuts to medicare (November 9, 2009).  Obama In November 2009: "Right, One-Third Of ObamaCare Funding Comes From Cuts To Medicare"  $$$$$  PROOF == OBAMA IS LYING ABOUT MEDICARE CUTS IN HIS CAMPAIGN SPEECHES

FLASHBACK Obama Refuses to Rule Out Jail Time for People Who Don't Buy Health Insurance .he has got to be impeached and put in prison himself!

Anybody who has read this website over the last couple of years knows by now that we are no fans of the Bureau of Land Management or the National Parks Services. The Federal government has engaged in massive abuses of power, gobbling up land that rightfully belongs to ranchers, loggers, and other pr

Crucial facts about the BLM's abuse of Oregon ranchers that sparked a militia takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge

Bigger Than Bundy: Militia put on Level 2 Alert to Defend Oregon Ranchers against Tyrannical Feds Who Label Them Terrorists

The ultimate girl power playlist from The First Lady herself

Michelle Obama's Girl Power Playlist

Obama and Climate Change: The Real Story | Rolling Stone

Obama and Climate Change: The Real Story

President Obama

Obama and the Road Ahead: The Rolling Stone Interview

Mark Seliger photographs Barack Obama for Rolling Stone, Nov 2012 Más

FOX NEWS: Deep state? 78 Obama appointees 'burrowed' in gov't report says

Deep state? 78 Obama appointees 'burrowed' in gov't, report says

FOX NEWS: Deep state? 78 Obama appointees 'burrowed' in gov't report says