"If Everyone Cared" by Nickleback. Wow, these lyrics are so meaningful. I really like this song.

in memory of the girl who died at dacula high school I am writing her name on my arm or hand on Wednesday you can to she was a amazing person and a great friend I will miss her vary much

"Far Away" - Nickelback.. They've described it perfectly..

"Far Away" - Nickelback. Lyrics to my favorite lullaby❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lullaby- Nickleback

Lullaby- Nickleback- this song reminds me of you and the struggles you were having a few years ago.

This is literally one of the best songs eva. Plus it has my name in it. Not to brag or anything ✊

I'm not my Father! ⋆

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