Wild horses on the Outer Banks -  North Carolina

Wildhorses of Shackleford Banks by Brad Styron. Shackleford Banks is a barrier island system on the coast of Carteret County, North Carolina.

North Carolina - Moravian Sugar Cake. A family tradition every Christmas! The BEST comes from Dewey's Bakery. May have to make my own this Christmas season.

Sweet State of Mine: North Carolina - Moravian Sugar Cake - authentic recipe! Use real potatoes instead of instant, though!

Most People Don't Know These 15 Hidden Gems Exist In North  Carolina

Most People Don't Know These 15 Hidden In North Carolina Even Exist

The State Bird of NC....Cardinal :)

The Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) is a North American bird in the genus Cardinalis; it is also known colloquially as the redbird or common cardinal.

Learn some fast facts about the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Check out history facts, Outer Banks population numbers and more.

Did You Know - The Outer Banks - North Carolina Fun Things to Do - The Outer Banks - North Carolina vist the outer banks!

Kentucky, Spain, Austria, Michigan, North Carolina

Texas{Virginia} (if you also live in Virginia add Virginia again please)Georgia illinois;) California, New York,Washington》》》Missouri, LOUISIANA~~UTAH ~~Texas>>>> Indiana---- MUMBAI (INDIA) North Carolina-----Colorado-----Texas (Don't mess with us!