HAPPY NEW YEAR & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO R. GILL! ........ R. GILL IS A NEW YEAR'S BABY..............Bow Bridge, Central Park New York. | One of our favorite things - Snow in New York

Top 10 Most Astonishing Photos of NYC Covered With Snow

New York City - Winter - Central Park in the Snow : Enjoy a fairy-tale view of one of Central Park's most beautiful bridges as snow falls. I dream to have a white Christmas!

It’s freezing outside #nyc - New York City Feelings

Bergeron process hard at work. (anyone inspired to write me a sonnet about winter will receive a package of snow in the mail)

Winter in NY! <3

NYC in winter. There is no place like it. Park Avenue snow day, NYC, by Marcos Vasconcelos

Snowing in Brooklyn, NYC

The love/hate relationship with snow continues."Snowing in Brooklyn" by Barry Yanowitz

NYC. Snowy Central Park SE corner

New York looks gorgeous in the snow—for five minutes, in Central Park

NYC. Snow & Lights in East Village // Vivienne Gucwa

Winter night, East Street, East Village - This is what I wish every Christmas Eve would bring. Definitely how the Christmas season should be. Snow and ice and snowmen ⛄⛄

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The Mall B&W Photo, Central Park, New York, City, Urban, NYC, Snow, Storm, Black, White, Winter

The 10 Most Astonishing Photos of NYC In Snow - YeahMag Brian Tuchalski Black & White photo during the snow storm in Central Park, New York City on January

Washington Square Park

Top 10 Most Astonishing Photos of NYC Covered With Snow

New York City surely is among the most popular cities in the world and there are countless reasons why is that so. But, if you walk on the streets of NYC during the winter days when everything is covered with snow, you g

New York City in white.

**Sometimes, not often, I miss snow and NYC.** New York in white. While this is an old photo, it still evokes the feeling of what NYC feels like in a snowstorm, even today. Vintage b&w

#NYC #snow || Rommel Tan

#NYC #snow || Rommel Tan

Niagara Falls, both the U.S. side and the Canadian side.                                                                                                                                                      More

Niagara Falls, both the U. side and the Canadian side. Winter everything is covered with ice and snow -- and you can always find new things to see and do! It's an amazing (and VERY romantic) place to visit!