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impfaust: “ Please, give me strength…. Artwork: “Mother of dark light” by Glyn Smith.

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Vintage symbol, highly detailed hand drawn snakes with Satanic cross, symbol of Satan in linear style.

I love this image #art #occult

Rota Taro Orat Tora Ator: The wheel of tarot speaks the law of life

Alchemical and hermetic emblems 1-40

These beautiful watercolour copies of engravings and woodcuts by Adam McLean

Diante a mim os 4 Cavaleiros do Apocalipse esperam e aguardam para que eu ande ao lado deles envolto em caus e desordem a qual eles pertencem e aguardam que me junte a eles

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...

alot of TC people - alot of dead people - yes - really alot to attribute to in TC: FBI. - people paid these agencies - ya - to kill and hide dead bodies.

Le Gros Chapelier

Occult symbol, used by Hermetics and Alchemists, as well as by witches. I put it to this board, though.

[Paradin, Claude, 1557: Nec fas est, nec posse reor.]

Two hands reaching down from Heaven towards broken handcuffs connected by a chain.

Born Human By Alejandra Sáenz ---- I want to design something similar but with a different animal, maybe the fox

Spotlight #14: Alejandra Sáenz on her art with a dark and occult twist

Spotlight Alejandra Sáenz on her art with a dark and occult twist - Bleaq