October 10 zodiac sign

Infographics for people born in October. Zodiac sign libra and scorpio. birthday personality for each day of october

Marguerite was born on October 31 (Halloween- her favorite holiday) Scorpio (WIP: Its a Love Rally)

I chose who I want to be social with due to trust issues and being very cautious.

Geminis may be social people, but they usually have just one or two close friends they can tell everything to.

Zodiac Mind

Planning for the perfect moment at the perfect time in the perfect place for the perfect reason is what Libra does. If a libra says one thing and acts another, chances are that Libra is planning something BIG. (Good or Bad)

that's when I feel like a wonderwoman on a mission.. I wouldn't get to feel like that if I started earlier..

I'm not to much about the zodiac thing, but according to it I'm a libra and this is so true.gah lol HAHAHA thats me EVERY SINGEL TIME!

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October 10, Libra zodiac sign and #horoscope interpretation

October Libra zodiac sign and interpretation

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