Old country churches

old country church at sunset

church on the prairie. **** This reminds me of my grandparents church that over a 150 yrs old!

Old country church

Little Church in Yosemite; photo by Trey Ratcliff - saw this church when I was in Yosemite in It's very appealing.

Little Chapel at Booker's Mill near Evergreen, AL. Booker's Mill is an old 200 acre pioneer farmstead located in Southwest Alabama about seven miles northwest of Evergreen. The mill site was first purchased by the John Guice family shortly after the civil war in the 1860's.

"little church in the wild wood" Evergreen, AL - Booker's Mill (Small Chapel) Just up the road from where I grew up!

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Elvis Memorial Chapel - in the movie, CHARRO, "Elvis Presley lay 'wounded' alongside the chapel at the Apacheland Movie Ranch filming Charro." After his death the chapel became the Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel.

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Tiny Church This tiny church is in the yard near the chair and tables and across the driveway from the llama. New Brunswick, Canada

Country Church. I bet you  could ride your horses and tie up and a hitching post here. my dream church.

Country Church Looks like a good old fashioned Spirit filled Church, the kind I went to as a child.

Down a forgotten road.  Powelton Baptist Church, Georgia.  A great old  church in a very tired old town.

Paul CME Powelton Methodist New Smyrna Methodist Rock Mill Methodist Jewell Baptist Powelton Baptist Churches of Hancock County Click thumbnail above to go to church page …