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16 Libraries You Have To See Before You Die

Clementinum Library or National Library, Prague - Czech Republic I am such a nerd. I want a library in my house one day books

I'd like to be tucked away here with a good supply of tea, researching something fascinating.

Another Pinner wrote. Rare and Ancient Book Library, Budapest, Hungary . I want a room like this, that or just move in a library!

Stair At The Old Library at the Dutch House of Representatives

62 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries

Handelingenkamer Library, Netherlands photo via redsea. I would love to have a library with a spiral staircase :-)

wanderthewood: “The Long Room - Trinity College Old Library, Dublin, Ireland by Theunis Viljoen ”

wanderthewood: “The Long Room - Trinity College Old Library, Dublin, Ireland by Theunis Viljoen ” La casa del sapere

Library loft at Fonthill Castle, Doylestown, USA (

Library loft at Fonthill Castle, Doylestown, (USA) Not your typical big house library--looks like something out of "Harry Potter"-- Charming, cluttered and cozy with an authentic "collected over time" look!

I have quite the (unhealthy) addiction for old books. If you do not know what to get me, find an old book.

The library was created so the lower classes would have access to literature. Books were quite expensive and not everyone had the money or was willing to dish out the cash for a novel. Circulation Libraries were a way for the book industry to continue its growth by catering to all social classes. It did cost money to be a member but it was a fraction of the price of a novel. People could read dozens of novels for the price of one book. (Prompt 13:4)

DEEL 40 (november-december 2013) / Johannes Torrentius / 111 PIN UP LIBRARIANS

I want this in my future home. It probably won't happen, but I guess that's why they call them "Dream Homes"

Mang Abbey Library, Füssen, Bavaria, Germany ~ Photo by ralfh. Like the library from beauty and the beast.

St John’s College Old Library, Cambridge, England photo via edward

St John’s College Old Library - Corner Shelf by ben.gallagher St John’s College, Cambridge University, England, now has six of Sir Isaac Newton’s works on gravity and calculus available for reading in their original seventeenth century form.

this is what heaven looks like ... so ridiculously huge, but it's a *dream* home, so totally allowed
Trinity Library, Dublin.

13 Incredibly Intricate Historic Libraries

Trinity College Library / Dublin, Ireland I've been here! Trinity college receives any and all books published in Ireland/England for free

The Old Library. Hyde Park, Chicago

The Old Library. Hyde Park, Chicago 🎨Great project to refurbish & restock something like this🎨

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The Old Library, Handelingenkamer Tweede Kamer Der Staten-Generaal Den Hague, Netherlands I have the spiral stairs, am working on the wood.LöL A dream library for sure

"Going Somewhere Are We" | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

"Going Somewhere Are We" | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ideally, I'd have marble pillars, arched ceilings with incredible artwork painted on them, and gorgeous tile floors in my bedroom.  Like in the Austrian National Library.  Only a bedroom.  My bedroom.

The Austrian National Library

Source Truly majestic: The Austrian National Library in Vienna. It’s located in the Hofburg Palace and the largest library in Austria, with around million titles. Among its collections are manuscripts and rare books dating from the century to the present.