With peonies instead? And no bird.

Tattoo Artist: Kirsten Holliday (Tattoologist)

American kestrel with wild roses by Kirsten Holliday @ Wonderland Tattoo - Portland, OR

16 Tiny Tattoos With BIG Meanings

16 Tiny Tattoos With BIG Meanings

Elephant tattoo meanings, designs and ideas with great images. Learn about the story of elephant tats and symbolism.

Dotwork, blackwork, whatever label you wanna give this piece is fine with me, just don’t forget to include “Amazing.” Soft colorless flowers fit elegantly into a triangular glyph.

46 Fantastic Forearm Tattoos for Women With Style

46 Fantastic Forearm Tattoos for Women With Style - TattooBlend

165 Best Arm Tattoos for Men, Women, Girls & Guys nice  Check more at

Full and Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs and Ideas with meaning for girls and men. Different flower, Japanese and tribal sleeve tattoos for on the arm or leg.

80 Impossibly Pretty And Understated Tattoos Every Girl Will Fall In Love With - Tattoos And Tat Shop

50 beautiful minimalist and tiny tattoos from geometric shapes to linear patterns

Clam shell tattoo - Aline Nascimento This tattoo is perfect for the beach lovers like myself. It’s so adorable.

For all those people who say,"your tattoos are gonna be wrinkly and ugly when you get old". Pfffffft!

For all those people who say,"your tattoos are gonna be wrinkly and ugly when you get old". I will hopefully be like that at her age the trendy gilf

'A new exhibit at the Musée du Quai Branly is paying homage to the world's past and present obsession with tattoos, in the aptly titled show "Tatoueurs Tatoues." Presenting over 300 contemporary and historical works of body art, the exhibition is a rich trek through the emergence, growth and commercialization of the tattoo. From photographs to silicone "body extracts" to body suits, the works on display reveal the intricate aesthetic and specialized skill that's long gone into tattooing.'

Take A Gander At The Best Tattoos Throughout History

‘The Last Tattoed Women Of Kalinga‘ is an awesome photoproject by the photographer Jake Verzosa. The project is about the last few tattooed women of Kalinga who live up in the rice terraces of the Cordillera mountain range of the Philippines.

older woman with tattoos found on tumblr

“If you have a tattoo what are you going to do when you’re older” Look bloody beautiful and here’s the proof - a stunning tattooed, older woman!

Mature woman with dreads http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/ae/fc/f1/aefcf14ea42e5e904f90dadab16d62ce.jpg

I love seeing older women rockin' the dreads! This will so be me as soon as I let my hair grow out more.