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Physics teacher is famous on Tumblr. Though it's not that hard, I'm probably famous on Tumblr for something or another. XD

My friend is furious with Katy Perry for referencing Aphrodite, a Greek goddess, in Dark Horse, in which everyone was dressed up as Egyptians.

On Guy Fawkes night: | 17 Times Britain Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone On Tumblr

On Guy Fawkes night:

On Guy Fawkes night>>> it's called bonfire night and we burn a scarecrow that looks like guy fawkes and fireworks just happened

Okay wait nO. This isn’t original. This was on tumblr first. I saw the text post ON tumblr and on here. Wtf.

A depressed guy moves into a haunted house with 7 demons, each corresponding to a deadly sin. Pride helps with self confidence, Lust helps him get laid, etc.

Makeup Tutorials for Picture Perfect Selfies - The Cat Eye Stylized - Tips, Ideas, And Tricks For Makeup Tutorials For Pictures On Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, And Facebook. Try Step By Step Tutorials For Dark Lips, Natural Looks For Beauty In Blonde Hair, And How To Take A Beautiful Photo Or Photograph. Tips, Tricks, And Hacks For Different Faces, Brows, Hair, And Lashes For Selfies. Girls Need To Use Eyeliner To Get That Ariana Grande Or Kim Kardashian Look…

31 Makeup Tutorials for Picture Perfect Selfies

How are they typing and reading these if they're blind? I know you can do text to speech but how about reading other posts and just generally navigating the internet? Or are they not fully blind?

How are they making a text post if they’re blind? Maybe legally blind. Hmmm still seems a lil sketch city tho

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The creation of young design duo, Enrico Fratesi and Stine Gam, the Beetle dining chair is inspired by the shape, shell and structure of the insect. “A table made from the reclaimed floorboards of a nineteenth-century French barn is the perfect…”

BBQ on the balcony (by fernlicht)

The only ray of light from an apartment block on Tongil Street, Pyongyang, North Korea photograph by Hendrik Schwartz.