League Randoms 28/?

League Randoms League Randoms 28 "I just made this post so I could post that first one" edition join list:. >Lucian >Dark type my sides are gone lol league League of Legend random

Dragonslayer Pantheon

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Pantheon y Leona - League of legends [LOL]

pantheon/leona from League of legends recently started playing (totally addicting) and i find it adorable that in their lore they're childhood friends (. Pantheon and Leona

Ruthless Pantheon | League of Legends

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Витрина фан-арта League of Legends - Leona and Pantheon in love, Artist Unknown

Dead leona and pantheon

In silence, he laid her to rest. The shield he carried since his youth, laid upon her body. This isn't why he descended from Mount Targon, &. Rage of Mount Targon