12 Parables of Jesus Every Child Should Know #SundaySchool

12 Parables of Jesus Every Child Should Know (To buy) This pack is filled with informative yet entertaining lessons, fun activities and tasty snack ideas

Children’s Bible Lessons on the Parables of Jesus (9 Part Series)

This page lists all the individual lesson plans in our 9 part series on the parables of Jesus. We’ve also included some additional teaching helps below. Why Jesus Told Parables (Matthew

Pop Up of the Good Samaritan Parable

Parables of Jesus Pop Up Book The Good Samaritan. I'll use ticky tack mounting puddy in place of velco, this is already colored.

A great object lesson to teach about the pride of the Pharisee and the humility of the Tax Collector.

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector {Parables of Jesus Series} - Play Eat Grow