Dorie MIller, a messman in the U.S. Navy was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic deeds at Pearl Harbor (1st African American to be awarded the Navy Cross). ALL HE DID The Morning of Pearl Harbor Bombing was carry wounded sailors to safer locations, move his injured Captain (the Captain refused to leave his post & remained until his death), load machine guns, take control of one & began firing at Japanese planes (He HAD NO TRAINING IN OPERATING ONE). He fired until he ran out of ammunition.

Doris Miller - Born in Waco, Texas. Pearl Harbor hero, first African American to receive the Navy Cross.

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On December 7th, 1941 at 7:55 am, the Japanese attacked military airfields and Pearl Harbour with 181 torpedo dropping planes, dive bombers, horizontal bombers and fighters. Overall, twenty-one ships of the U.S. Pacific fleet were damaged and the death toll reached 2,350, along with 68 civilians and 1,178 injured.

On December 1941 at am, the Japanese attacked military airfields and…

Modeled on Nuremberg, an International military tribunal in Tokyo tried 25 Japanese leaders for war crimes. It sentenced 7 to death, including General Hideki Tojo, 61, who as prime minister had authorized the attack on Pearl Harbor. Some 900 of the countrymen were also executed by the Allies for mistreating prisoners and for other atrocities.

Modeled on Nuremberg, an International military tribunal in Tokyo tried

Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Imperial Navy Fleet Admiral unwillingly led an attack on Pearl Harbor.

Isoroku Yamamoto April 1884 – 18 April was a Japanese Marshal Admiral and the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet during World War II. He was responsible for major battles such as Pearl Harbor and Midway.

Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 7th, 1941. (From Tora, Tora, Tora)

December Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor without warning. This resulted in many American casualties including civilians and military units. This was the cause for the American entry in World War II.

Pearl Harbor, Dec 1941: USN sailor assists with the raising from the sea of the body of Japanese pilot killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

georgy-konstantinovich-zhukov: “An American seaman looks at the charred corpse of a Japanese flier brought up from the bottom of Pearl Harbor, where he crashed with his burning plane during the Japanese attack on December 1941 in Hawaii.

Pearl Harbor Sunday December 7, 1941 | USS Arizona BB-39 1,177 dead

The USS Arizona - Amazing pictures of the Life and Death of an ill fated Battleship - Page 3 of 3

Meet Nelson Mitchell: The Last African-American to Survive Pearl Harbor

For Nelson Mitchell, today marks 72 years since his near death experience. Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, marking 72 years since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Avenge Pearl Harbor - WWII poster

Avenge Pearl Harbor - WWII poster The attack on Pearl Harbor was a turning point for American involvement of WWII. Because of that, television, film, and literature were all directed towards the war.

Pearl Harbor Attack 1941 | Civilian casualties of Pearl Harbor attack, Hawaii, 1941

Pearl Harbor Attack: Three civilians were killed in this shrapnel-riddled car by a bomb dropped from a Japanese plane eight miles from Pearl Harbor on 7 December

RIP, sir. (sniffle) He was there when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, and his ashes will likely be placed inside the memorial honoring the hundreds of shipmates whose deaths he witnessed that fateful morning.    Joseph Langdell, the last known surviving officer of the USS Arizona,...

The USS Arizona’s last surviving officer has died. How the Pearl Harbor hero recalled the day of infamy.

John Leslie "Jackie" Coogan (October 26, 1914 – March 1, 1984), enlisted in the United States Army in March, 1941. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, he requested a transfer to United States Army Air Forces as a glider pilot because of his civilian flying experience. He volunteered for hazardous duty with and flew British troops, landing them at night in a small jungle clearing 100 miles behind Japanese lines.  Yes, Uncle Fester was actually an American hero!

Jackie Coogan -- Actor who began his movie career as a Child Actor in silent films. He played Uncle Fester in "The Addams Family", Sgt. Barnes in "McKeever and the Colonel. He died from Cardiac Arrest.