Smart pediatric growth chart app

Smart pediatric growth chart app

This chart shows how your child should be progressing.

Child Developmental Milestones Guide

Description of disease Developmental milestones. Symptoms and causes Developmental milestones Prophylaxis Developmental milestones

Baby Milestones- Growth + Development 0-12-months. Free keepsake + tracker inside.

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Pediatric Growth Chart - 7 month old baby milestones - Photo Editor - Little Nugget photo editor iPhone App captures pregnancy & baby milestones by adding 600+ unique artwork, personalized text & cool filters to your photos in seconds. Safely save your baby pictures in a private feed or share on social media! A must-have for new parents & Moms to be! Height and weight plus those special 7 month old baby milestones and firsts.

A baby photo app to capture sweet moments and major milestones from your pregnancy and baby. Simply upload a photo.

Pediatric Growth & Development

Developmental milestones checklist -- things all parents and people working with children should be familiar with.

Height and weight chart for baby boys from the center for disease control (cdc)

weight chart of baby boy Height and weight chart for baby boys from the center for disease .

This is some brief information about Gross Motor Development. Follow us for more such interesting posts! Feel free to comment and add thoughts or suggestions!

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Erik Erikson was an ego psychologist that patterned his theories after Freud. Erikson strongly felt that culture and society have an effect on the ego and that a struggle or conflict can begin. Erik Erikson designed a model of development that has 5 stages of psychosocial development that extend through childhood.

Chart highlighting Erikson's Psychosocial Development stages that can help child life specialists determine developmentally appropriate interventions.


These growth charts consist of a series of percentile curves that illustrate the distribution of selected body measurements in U.

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Here is fun and interesting infographic about baby development. See all the changes your baby goes through from 0-12 months old.

Baby Development

Here is fun and interesting infographic about baby development. Physical development happens so quickly from birth to age two. It is important to know the different miles stones for physical development in an infant so you can track their progress.