Yes! #pentatonix

I now own 69 pentatonix songs and all of them are amazing. When I listen to PTX it relives so much stress

Pentatonix in their music video for "Imagine". They never fail to amaze me and I love them so much. SO PROUD OF Y'ALL.

I don't know if any of you are Pentatonix fans, but this is too beautiful not to share.

Lol X'D wow

I love pentatonix but don't call people losers because they don't like it, also don't threaten to kill them

This literally describes them so well. Kirstie always wants to play around, Scott is a social butterfly, and Mitch is so fab

Pentatonix - Kirstie, Scott & Mitch Paris, France this is like literally us With Krispie on my back in civil war club And you just standing there pretending you don't know us

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What a beautiful picture! All the different colors, so bright and wonderful, and there's a sunset too.

Throwback to filming the "Hallelujah" music video. How beautiful is that sunset!