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Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, marchin’ in her own parade. Pepper Ann, she’s like one in a million!

Who's that Girl? What's her name? Is she cool? Is she Lame? Pepper Ann!  Pepper Ann!..ahah

'Pepper Ann', pepper ann, much too cool for seventh grade. pepper ann, you're like one in a million!

Pepper Ann. 1997. Walt Disney Television Animation. USA. (Who is SHE and why does she have her own song?)

Pepper Ann Pepper Ann she's too cool for grade. Pepper Ann she's like one in a MILLIONNNN.

Alll Grown Up: Pepper Ann by on @deviantART

Artist Isiah Stephens imagines some of your favorite cartoon kids as the hip, sophisticated adults they all inevitably became.

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Totally watched this saturday morning cartoon from the and early called pepper ann. Theme song still burned in my memory lol

You Know You're a '90s Disney Kid When... | Oh My Disney. PEPPER ANN PEPPER ANN!!!!! This was like my fave for so long

You Know You're a '90s Disney Kid When

You Know You're a Disney Kid When. You know who this girl is and why she has her own song.

I had forgotten this show entirely until I stumbled across this video.  Who else remembers Pepper Ann?

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Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, much too cool for grade. I almost named my car Pepper Ann, but my car is a boy.

Pepper Ann.. i think about this show all the time just couldnt remember the name!!!

Pepper Ann Pepper Ann she's too cool for grade, catch her if you can PEPPERANN. No one's cooler than Pepper ANN.

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pepper ann, pepper ann, marching in her own parade, pepper ann she's like one in a million!