Hazel Levesque // that's pretty "dam" close to what I imagined her to look like

and she's the optimist that I could never be without limiting her intellectual capacities. Reminds me of Hazel Levesque.

My heart just broke<---- except the fact that u can see the girl as Annabeth is standing on a board

This is a good Percy and Annabeth cosplay, except Annabeth has too much eye makeup on and her hair is a little thick - I usually picture Annabeth with normally thick kind of wispy hair

Annabeth Chase & Percy Jackson in Tartarus Cosplay..... Must say this is one of my favorites!!

Percy wanted to thank the Titan, but his voice wouldn´t work. His legs buckled. His ears rang. Through a red glow of pain, he saw Annabeth, a few yards away, wandering blindly towards the edge of the cliff.

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but… the whole point of the hat… is that it makes you invisible