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is what a soft spiral perm is suppose to look like, if you asked for a soft spiral perm and your hair looks nothing like this; then you didn't get what you wanted!

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Mid-Length Curly Layered Haircut Most of this site features models who obviously don't have curly hair, but this, I might get away with.

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Flexi rods are the perfect heatless curling method used on weaves and wigs to create Beautiful, bouncy curls hairstyle, without damaging your hair

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You should first ensure you have that contour of face, when searching for best hairstyles for men with triangular face. So here are the tips of not or whether this is the face shape.

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40 Gorgeous Perms Looks: Say Hello to Your Future Curls!

How To Perm Hair - Big Mane Spiral Perm

40 Styles To Choose From When Perming Your Hair

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Seriously why was i not blessed with naturally curly hair like this. I'd wake up show and go everyday.**** because it's not naturally curly hair dumbass

40 Styles To Choose From When Perming Your Hair When it comes to boho curly hair, Vanessa Hudgens rules the roost. Her long, minimally styled hair flow down in a waterfall of curls, and the effect is breathtaking. If you want to get her look, you may have to grow your hair out until it reaches your waist before going in for a hot spiral perm.

40 Styles To Choose From When Perming Your Hair

love her curls, layers create fullness at the top and angles toward the bottom

Our editors top picks for the best frizz fighters, tangle tamers and curl definers for your spirals and waves