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Reminds me of Mr. Whiskers :'( miss him. He lemme walk I'm and put him and sweaters. Best of all he sat in the window waiting for me to come home from school. Miss him dearly.

20+ Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds

The Top 5 Cute Cat Breeds: The Persian: . Everyone knows the Persian cat. Renowned for its long, silky fur, expressive eyes and squashed face, the Persian is also one of the oldest cat breeds.

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If I could ever have a cat it would be a Persian!

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grey blue persian cat

grey blue persian cat and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat shirts, cat socks, and other cat apparel by tapping the pin!

Persian cats are beautiful

20+ Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds

Persian cats are tremendously responsive and become a constant source of joy and delight to their owners. --- Cat Fanciers' Association

Himalayans are cross breed of Siamese and is relatively new in other Persian cats.They were produced in the middle of Century.For a long time they were considered as the separate breed specially in America but later they were included in Persian Cats

pero esta cosita tan linda existe ?es de verdad? hermosooo es hermosoo......¡¡ mcga.-

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Chinchilla persian kitties

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Persian Cat--> I so want one!  supply pet hair dye,pet hair chalk,pet perfume,pet shampoo,spa....

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The Persian cat is one of the most common exotic cat breeds for people to keep as pets.

Chinchilla persian

Look at that fluffy cat! If I had a cat that fluffy I'd use him for a hand towel. My cat isn't as fluffy but she's really nice of a kitty.

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Persian kittens How lovely! 10 years ago I went out to get a kitty and I came across a group of 3 Persians very much like this, except one was totally white. He is still with me today. The other 2 sadly have gone to greener pastures.

Long Haired Cat Breeds

20+ Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds