Overwhelmed by the thought of writing your personal history? The #52Stories project launched this year by the Family History Department can help with that! Each week in 2017 FamilySearch will publish topic questions designed to trigger your memories. You just need to focus on the topic and write a response. They have lots of free downloads, printables, and ideas to help you take this fun challenge in 2017! #lds #familysearch #geneology

Overwhelmed by the thought of writing your personal history? The project launched this year by the Family History Department c.

If you want to find out more about your family, download the life history questions and make time to interview your family members. Learn some fun facts.

Understanding how your childhood effects your actions & behaviours today. Here's a start, a list of life history questions.

write your personal history -- this site has a fairly extensive but basic outline for writing your life story. Just adapt to your own needs.

Questions to help you write your own personal history. This is so neat. I would love to answer all these questions for my kids to have someday. This would also be good to start with the kids. May see if the My Life Story journal book would work with this.

"I like this clever write-in book that allows you are record your parent's personal history and learn from their hard-earned experience through a series of interesting questions."

300 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before Its Too Late by author Shannon Alder.

Family/Personal History Journal Jars - you could also fill this with facts about an ancestor or a family.  Then people could just read the pieces.  It would make a great gift or conversation starter for a family reunion.

Craft Time: Family/Personal History Journal Jars

Family/personal history journal jar full of prompts. Have a journal to go with it and write about one prompt at a time to record memories so they won't be lost.

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25 Thought-Provoking Interview Questions

Learn the difference between Personal History, Autobiography, and Memoir and write your own life's story.

February Journal Prompts

50 Questions to Start Your Personal History

Ready to start your personal history? Here are 50 questions to get the life story juices flowing! Use them for yourself or to interview family members!

Knowing and sharing your family history is important and fun. Make sure you leave behind a personal history for your posterity - here are a few ways to record personal history. There's something for everyone!

7 Ways to Record Personal History & RootsTech Giveaway

The best family reunion games - these family reunion activities are sure to be a hit among all ages!