FashionJunkie4Life - Sterling Silver Phantom Opera Mask Ring, $22.00 (

Materials: Phantom mask ring is made of Sterling Silver. Mask ring comes in sizes and 9 and measures approx high Please select desired size from options above.

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Tags: Looking Down, PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~, The Phantom (Opera Za No Kaijin)

The Phantom (Opera Za No Kaijin) - PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~ - Mobile Wallpaper - Zerochan Anime Image Board

Phantom of the Opera. Like a boss @Luisa Mendoza!

Phantom of the Opera~This part of the movie was just too cheesy lol but I love it anyway

"Phantom of the Opera" chandelier

Phantom of the Opera chandelier in the Paris Garnier Opera House, in France. mini version on future home ceiling?

I Feel Nothing by Muirin007 on DeviantArt

“ I saw this post a few weeks ago and immediately thought of Erik. Victorian, modern, whatever AU you stick him in, Erik will always be the king of melodrama. Barista: “Hi, what can I get.