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Cool Hot Wheels or Matchbox car collection holder! diameter pvc pipe dyed blue and glued together with pvc solvent. cut back of pipes at a slight angle so the cars don't roll out. Glue them t (Cool Cars Things)

Parecen tuberias de cobre, un armario/vestidor de cobre.    Copper pipes as wardrobre estructure.

This is a neat beautiful closet solution, but something tells me it would not be cheaper option

DIY Copper Shoe Rack | Click Pic for 18 DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces…

18 DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Rate this from 1 to Shoe Rack Upcycle Old Crates Into A Storage-Savvy Bench 22 DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces Shoe Rack Shoe Cubby by

Regal aus schwarzen Rohren |

Regal aus schwarzen Rohren


You Need to Know the 7 Bs of Building Bookcases

battery charger/tool shelf with a terminal strip mounted behind the charger shelf plugged in to a timer that will run long enough to keep a charge on the batteries.

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The Bartender A one of a kind design by Mobee Industrial Designs. An Industrial Black Pipe Shelf with a galvanized bucket flower or cactus

Kupfer-Rohr Kleiderstange / Bekleidungs-Rack / von LittleDeerEtsy

Copper Pipe Clothing Rail / Garment Rack / Clothes Storage with Ladder

Zeitschriftenständer von IndustrialHomeBazaar auf Etsy

Industrial Pipe Magazine Rack A decorative way to display and store magazines, Mounted on the side of end table.

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For the office? Paint pipe a bright metallic and the wood a washed color? V Scaffolding Boards and Dark Steel Pipe Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Industrial Chic Shelving/Bookcase - Bespoke Urban FurnitureDesign