Hand and plant tattoo #hand #plant #tattoo

Thank you so much to everyone, my first flash sheet went nuts & sold out instantly! Thanks to my boss Dave for tattooing it, first steps in this game & I'm loving it! Can't wait to be tattooing you lovely people myself soon

House plant by Stropky

65 Charming Tattoo Designs All Introverts Will Appreciate

Thinking about using wildflowers for your wedding, but not sure what to choose? Here is a helpful list of wildflowers! Can you believe these are faux from afloral.com?! You can find these and more in our miscellaneous and unique wedding stems. #fauxflowers

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You'll Fall In Love With These Enchanting Tattoos That Look Like Real Plants

culturenlifestyle: “Dainty & Ethereal Floral Tattoos by Pis Saro Crimean tattoo artist Pis Saro illustrates exquisite floral tattoos inspired by nature. Ethereal, dainty and feminine, the tattoos.

Sunday Randoms.

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20 Inner Elbow Tattoo Ideas

20 Inner Elbow Tattoo Ideas