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10 Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters

False Switches Idone her hair before=Rose McGowan before and after plastic surgery.

Rose Mcgowan Plastic Surgery – Corrected Scars The evidences reveal that she has also undergone breast implant out of her own wish to be in a better shape

The funniest thing you will see today.

The funniest thing you will see today.

Fanny Sieh before after plastic surgery transformation Fanny Sieh, clearly not satisfied with her previous chin implants has decided to make some (deadly) changes, shaving it down so sharp, it could seriously do some damage.

Hong Kong actress shocked fans with her latest appearance, sparking rumors of botched plastic surgery. What exactly happened? Read more here on PlastyTalk.

There's a reason they always look so perfect. We shouldn't base true beauty off of celebrities. I look that good too with that paycheck lol

10 Best Plastic Surgery Make-Overs - best plastic surgery, plastic surgery makeovers

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Jennifer Joanna Aniston , born February is an American actress. Jennifer Aniston was born in Sherman .

Michaela Romanini, Italian socialite, developed an addiction to lip collagen injections at a young age and still continues to get them today. Botox is essentially a toxin that paralyzes your face. Botox get rids of wrinkles, but don’t you think it’s a bit counter productive to get Botox then get a tan? You’re just making things worse for yourself if you get your face paralyzed to get rid of wrinkles, then immediately expose your face to the sun (which gives you wrinkles.)

Plastic surgery is one of my “in case of emergency” things, should my features decide to drastically rebel without informing me.