Native to South America, poison dart frogs exhibit brilliant colors to help ward off predators. In the wild, these frogs secrete a powerful toxin through their skin, although most that are bred in captivity aren't fed a diet that allows them to retain their poisonous abilities, leaving most of them full of color but not toxins. Caring for them at home starts with creating a tropical environment.

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Poison dart frog (Dendrobates Aratus), Costa Rica by Paul Bratescu || Uncropped original on click

Loitering in the leaf litter, a beautiful poison dart frog stirs about. This is the green and black poison dart frog (Dendrobates aratus). Photographed in Panama.

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Real Monstrosities: 15 Poison Dart Frogs Reference image for felting

Frogs Are Basically Nature's X-Men - The Glass Frog Has See ...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Frogs Are Basically Nature's X-Men

Red Poison Dart Frog by Dirk Ercken - Red Poison Dart Frog Photograph - Red Poison Dart Frog Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

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Poison Dart Frog : I'm fascinated by the black circle on the head.

some of the many morphs and color patterns of the poison dart frogs oophaga histrionica, lehmanni, occultator, and sylvatica

The Harlequin division for young magician spies otherwise known as ________. Each person has one of their own Harlequin Dart frogs that change color depending on their owner's mood. They can talk and can't poison their owner.

Phantasmal poison dart frog by Liz Powley. My first attempt with Derwent Inktense pencils.

Looks like peppermint Phantasmal Poison Dart Frog – Sunday Sketches