Save this holiday inspo to see how to light up your home with Christmas lights.

17 Twinkly Ways to Light Up Your Home With Christmas Fairy Lights

A nice option is offered on artifactuprising. If you want to create a similar display, use small wood stumps and string. Create as many rows and columns as you’d like.

10 Original Ways Of Displaying Pictures In Your Home

If you want to do an easy DIY project, then you should use the gifts from Nature and incorporate them in your interior. Tree branches are really easy to fi

DIY Tree Branches Home Decor Ideas

This is definitely a very good-looking and creative way to decorate a plain wall. Hang your pictures and place potted plants on the floor and you'll get an awesome result!

Geometric Photo Display | Maker Crate

Geometric Photo Display

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Ceilings of hallway, foyer, and worship center will be strung with a combination of polaroids, fairy lights, and edison-style string lights. Stage can use bricks & bulbs foundation with polaroids and fairy lights add-ons.