this is the exercise I told you I tried to do...and failed :(

Hanging Straight-Leg Raise

▶ Pole Vaulting Drills - YouTube

Me doing some basic drills as I go through my non vaulting day work out. Include Long hang pull overs (a swing up drill where you dont drop sholders), Headst.

I'm going to break the Newport High School pole vault record before I leave this school and then hopefully vault in college

Successful pole vault competitors display some of the greatest examples of strength, focus, and physical prowess. The Pole Vault Workout Plan is a stren.

What it takes to pole vault inspirational video

A compilation of some of training that needs to be done to do well at pole vault. Jumping is the highlight, but there's more to be done!

Exercises For Pole Vaulting | LIVESTRONG.COM

Exercises for Pole Vaulting

A combination of gymnastics, weightlifting, sprinting, and jumping, pole vaulting is one of the most technically demanding events in athletics.

A video of my pole vault training as i have no access to pole vault equipment. the song is fred V and graffix feat. reija lee- just a thought Please follow o...

A video of my pole vault training as i have no access to pole vault equipment…

good website-drills, film, technique, etc.

Everything Track and Field has many great pole vaulting articles to assist the pole vault athlete and coach!

Nice infographic Pole Vault Olympic Games @

In the Pole Vault, Consistency Through Tough Conditions

Pole Vault Infographic

Vaulting is a track and field event in which a person uses a long, flexible pole as an aid to leap over a bar.