Tristan Reidford - Portal 2 70's Poster (Available in Valve store and on TG

'70s-Style Portal 2 Poster

Funny pictures about Portal 2 style movie poster. Oh, and cool pics about Portal 2 style movie poster. Also, Portal 2 style movie poster photos.


Portal 2 Bookends

Video games are cool, but even more fun when you can incorporate them into real life. These Portal bookends are awesome and functional. Product Specifications Bookends for test subjects at […]

GLaDOS are you ever going to let that go<<< well she did have to watch her defeat for "99999...." However long it was soooooo :/ but I still agree with you we did safe and help her in the end

Day Game with the best story; Portal Honestly, I haven't played many games that are known for having a really deep story, but this game's pretty good. Part of it's because the voice acting so well done.

Portal 2 Office Art  This needs to be a life sized wall cling

This 'Portal' Painting Makes Your Office Look Boring

Apperently, this is a Airbrushed Portal mural in a Las Vegas office - the concrete wall is paint, too.

Unless the wall is black.. then your stuck.

Where There's A Wall... 'Portal' T-Shirt

This Portal inspired shirt offers some friendly advice from Aperture Laboratories: "When you're thinking with portals, where there's a wall, there's a way!

The last time Wheatley had seen her sleep had been during their first attempt at escaping, all that time ago, and she'd been as practical about it as she was about everything else she set out to do. She had searched the area they'd found themselves in for a safe location, finally curling up in a cramped, hidden little recess with crazed writing all over the walls and floor.

Portal Ratman dens by ~NatashaFenik on deviantART

PORTAL 2 Warning Signs Coasters | Geek Decor

Buy Portal Coasters online and save! The Officially licensed Portal Warning Sign Coaster Set contains 8 unique coasters that you can use to warn houseguests of their impending doom.

GLaDOS by Saiyanhajime

It's been a looong time since I've done any fanart, how have you been? Some fanart of the awesome GLaDOS from Portal.

I got Wheatley! Love Wheatley so much. Which "Portal 2" Character Are You?

Which "Portal 2" Character Are You?