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30 Beautiful Bird Tattoos For All The Pretty Girls Who Want To Fly

Bob hair, don't care


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Cool hairstyle: short on one side and longer on the other with side-swept bangs. Plus I love her makeup and tattoos. This girl is pretty!

I want to get this by my stretch marks.

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Really kind of like the idea of a small black cat. [ "Small tattoo place­ment ideas -- i do want a few small ones so this is helpful, love the elephant!", "Small tattoo placement ideas… I

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If I get a flower tattoo, I want the petals to be delicate like the ones on her upper arm. Love the softness of that look. Sexy and beautiful and classic. Also, I want a facial dermal

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Hair/Makeup- The grey/blue color really pops with the beige background. I think that the hair stands out really easily in this image for that reason.

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collected beautiful flying birds collar bone tattoo quotes - inhale the future, exhale the past in Fancy Tattoos. Discover the best & seductive collar bone tattoo quotes, love tattoo quote, life tattoo quote, bird tattoo quote.